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I was searching for my old study notes…

… when I suddenly found my old drawings from 2 years ago.

This was quite a pleasing surprise because I didn’t remember until now that I made this xP


I don’t really know if I posted this already, since my old tumblr was erased (for reasons that I still don’t know) but this brings back SO MANY memories (OwO)

The blob! thing was from Len-sama with Danielle and Connie along with others.

Back then my dash was always almost full about how Len-sama was always teasing Danielle and Connie with these blob! thingies.

They were so cuuute~

You can still see some of the post Len-sama made, for example in the tag blob!danielle

So! None of both characters are mine, blob!Danielle belongs to Len-sama and of course, Danielle’s husband Masa’s design belongs to Chinatsu Kurahana! ^^

Hope you like it!





Polite cat 

That little headbutt in the second one gave me diabetes.

“Excuse me, human. I would like a petting, please. Yes, thank you.”

“Um, excuse me, human? Human? Ah yes, I’d like another petting please. Ah, thank you.”

Always reblog Polite Cat.


Oh my god the little headbutt in the second gif.


♥ o(≧ω≦)o ♔ ♥ ~


♥ o(≧ω≦)o ♔ ♥ ~


Kiiyan imititating Mamo + Mamo's reaction