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I’ve been waiting for this for so long

It’s completely unacceptable how hard I laughed at this


Suzumura: The other day, as I got home from an event, just after I put my bags down and opened the door, a bug came buzzing right into my room! I was like, “Aaaargh! Something got in!!!”, so I rolled up two pieces of paper like this and ran around the house in the nitouryuu (two-swords) stance, trying to shoo it away! And just when I cornered it near the door, I immediately opened the door and shooed it out, and was like, “Phew, thank goodness, it’s gone!”, but I was mistaken! It was still inside! So I was back to running around the house in the nitouryuu stance trying to make it go out! And in the end, that insect didn’t get out of my house for one whole week!