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A drawing for Danielle~

Well, sometime ago I decided to draw something for Danielle (aka: berselium).

She’s like so sweet and adorable and has such a kind heart, that I just thought that she deserved something as thanks for all the things she has done for the UtaPri fandom, and so more (Starry Sky, Amnesia, helping with PSP things, etc.)

This took a lot more time than I thought, but well… It’s not perfect (I’m not very good at coloring with a tablet nor the lineart) but I hope that she’ll like it I tried my best (>//////<)

Shin was a hella work just for coloring (SPECIALLY THE FUCKING JACKET AND THE HAIR OMFGJAKKSAJD)



I was searching for my old study notes…

… when I suddenly found my old drawings from 2 years ago.

This was quite a pleasing surprise because I didn’t remember until now that I made this xP


I don’t really know if I posted this already, since my old tumblr was erased (for reasons that I still don’t know) but this brings back SO MANY memories (OwO)

The blob! thing was from Len-sama with Danielle and Connie along with others.

Back then my dash was always almost full about how Len-sama was always teasing Danielle and Connie with these blob! thingies.

They were so cuuute~

You can still see some of the post Len-sama made, for example in the tag blob!danielle

So! None of both characters are mine, blob!Danielle belongs to Len-sama and of course, Danielle’s husband Masa’s design belongs to Chinatsu Kurahana! ^^

Hope you like it!

Mako x Tiana
Aren&#8217;t they sooo cute together?? =w=

Mako x Tiana

Aren’t they sooo cute together?? =w=

Tiana’s SURPRISE!!

Finally Finished It!!

And hope that Tiana will like it O(>w<)O

It was pretty hard, since it’s been a while since I last drew a comic! But oh well!! It was worth it!!

Also, I’m not really good with plots and my experience with drawing comics is pretty much nonexistent, but…

… It’s a drawing that I made with all my love for Tiana!!

BTW, I don’t really know how to draw leather, so sorry TTATT

Here it goes!




The First meeting between Tiana and STARISH

The End.

Hope you all like it!! \(^o^)/